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AnthologyYearOne-BookstackI am pleased to announce that my story, “Encroachment” will be published in Anthology: Year Three (Four Horsemen).The book will be released in both electronic and printed editions in 2015. Details TBA. Here’s the Table of Contents, courtesy of editor Tim Deal.

The Road Home – Sheldon Higdon
Ozark – Scott Christian Carr
Dead Thunder – D.B. Poirier
A Chorus of Plastic Songs – Scott T. Goudsward
Three Little Words – Michele Mixell
Knock at the Door – Jacob Haddon
The Sun Struck – Gregory L. Norris
Rush – Andrew Wolter
Tsunami – T.T. Zuma (Tony Tremblay)
Got Your Back – John M. McIlveen
Northern Lights – Rob Smales
Crossback – Barry Lee Dejesu
skin&hair, teeth&bones – Kristi Petersen Schoonover
The Miller’s Task – Jonathan Dubey
The Elevation of Oliver Black – Errick A. Nunnally
A Tale of Chivalry – Ogmios
One Shoe – Laura J. Hickman
Raspberry Summer – Diana Catt
Invidia – Marianne Halpert
Battle of Wills – Tracie Orsi
Dolly, Do I Have A Soul? – Philip C. Perron
Fomorian Horde/A Tale of Chivalry (art) – Ogmios
The Looming Trees – Penny Fey
Dark Highways – Dan Foley
Fund-Raiser – Thom Erb
How You Killed Me – doungjai gam
Redemption – Timothy Flynn
Encroachment – Craig D. B. Patton

Fine company to be keeping, indeed. The fourth (re)incarnation of the convention that spawned this anthology series will take place on June 5-7, 2015 in Portsmouth, NH. You can learn more over at the official site.


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Any day when books with my name printed on them show up in the mail is a good mail day. Today, my contributor’s copies for Future Imperfect: Best of Wily Writers 2 arrived with “Aftershocks” nestled inside. They look like this:

I’ll have to check with Angel Leigh McCoy in order to find out whether that’s Rooney Mara or Noomi Rapace on the cover.

If you’d like to have your very own copy, you can order one in trade paperback or in various electronic formats.

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Wily Writers has released Future Imperfect: Best of Wily Writers 2, edited by Angel McCoy.  It contains the best science fiction, horror, and fantasy work published by Wily Writers in 2010.  My story, “Aftershocks”, is tucked in there amid all sorts of other reading goodies.  The book is available in a variety of formats.

If you’d like to buy a physical book made out of real paper products:

If you’d like to buy an eBook made out of real digital code:

  • Smashwords (formats for Kindle, Nook, iPad, and many other devices)

Whichever you choose, you’ll find something inside (16 somethings, actually) sure to thrill, amuse, or unsettle you (in the good way).

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Here’s what the front cover of Future Imperfect: Best of Wily Writers 2 will look like.  I posted the table of contents last month.  You can keep up with news on this book on the Wily Writers site.  And here, of course.  It’s due out…very soon.

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Angel Leigh McCoy at Wily Writers has apparently finished wrapping her presents and other holiday preparations because there is a flurry of activity on the second Wily Writers “Best of” volume.  It has a title – Future Imperfect – The Best of Wily Writers, Volume 2.  It has a cover image that we’re not allowed to share yet.  It has a proof copy that we’re all busy proofing.  All of which are strong signs that the book will emerge into the world…well, soon.

Here’s the Table of Contents, which we are allowed to share:

  • “Loathsome Alyce”, Sheila Crosby
  • “Memory in the Time of Bones”, Nathan Crowder
  • “Complete Artistic Control”, Bruce Boston
  • “Miriam’s Song”, Larry Lefkowitz
  • “9 Curzon Place”, Daniel W. Powell
  • “She’s a Liquid”, Ever Dundas
  • “Aftershocks”, Craig D.B. Patton
  • “Outsourced”, Shelly Li
  • “Absolution”, Matt Adams
  • “Grandmonster”, Sasha Janel McBrayer
  • “The Tunnel”, Matt Cowens
  • “Reckoning”, Bruce Golden
  • “Stuff of the Elder Gods”, K.C. Ball
  • “Timeshare”, Fred Warren
  • “A Necessity of the Present”, Jeremy Zimmerman
  • “Puppet Play”, Kelli D. Meyer

Pretty exciting stuff. I’ll post more details as they become available for public viewing.

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I’m pleased to announce that Sci-Fi Saturday Night has made my flash fiction story, “Aftershocks,” part of their Fiction Friday series.   They’re calling it, “…one of the most original and frightening stories we have ever posted.” Which makes me feel pretty honored and humbled.  Ok, and pleased.

“Aftershocks” was published by Wily Writers in May of 2010.  It is scheduled to be reprinted in The Best of Wily Writers – Volume 2 early in 2012.

Thanks to The Dome at Sci-Fi Saturday Night for his interest in “Aftershocks.”  You can check out the Fiction Friday post here.

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I received the happy news today from Angel Leigh McCoy that she has selected my short story “Aftershocks” to include in The Best of Wily Writers, Volume 2.  “Aftershocks” was originally published on Wily Writers in May of 2010 and I’m both honored and delighted that Angel picked it since they have lots and lots of good stories to choose from.

The book is scheduled for publication in late 2011.  More news here as events warrant.  In the meantime, you can still purchase Night-Mantled: The Best of Wily Writers (Volume 1).

Happy summer reading everyone.

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