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Pleased to announce that my flash fiction tale, “Displaced Demons” is now available for your reading entertainment in the UK webzine, Grievous Angel. It’s a quick take on a localized disaster involving oni, a popular form of demon in Japanese folklore. I wrote several flash and short stories last fall while taking a break from revising the novel I’m (still) working on and this is the first to be published.

I first learned about the oni while studying Japanese culture in college. But it was years later when I first read, The Funny Little Woman to my sons that I decided to write something involving them. It’s a picture book about a woman in Japan who loses a dumpling down a crack in her home and pursues it. She winds up on a subterranean adventure, is captured by the oni, taken to their city, and forced to make rice for them using a magic spoon.funnylittlewoman3

My sons and I loved it and I read it to them many times. Blair Lent’s wonderful illustrations are at least half of the appeal. The vistas of the underground lake and the oni city on its shore, in particular, stuck with me. I may need to go back there in a future, longer story. For now, I hope readers enjoy my first oni story.

Thanks very much to Charles Christian for including my work in Grievous Angel, which offers a steady diet of genre flash fiction and poetry.


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