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It snowed in much of New England last night and we’re expecting more over the weekend. Despite that, Halloween is still on Monday. In celebration of the weekend, here’s a tiny Halloween tale.

Wardrobe Crisis

by Craig D.B. Patton

“Where’s my best tux?” the vampire hissed.  “What have you done with my Halloween dress?” the witch screeched.  “Muh-wuh-wa-woooo!” the nude mummy groaned, withered hands covering his crotch.  The werewolf and the zombie, equally naked, let the hunchback up.  “Someone stole them!” he gibbered, pointing through the window to the darkening courtyard beyond.  The clothesline hung empty.  Below, scrawled on the weed-fringed stones in Jack-o-Lantern orange was a single word: PRANKED.  The monsters’ scream shook the last of the leaves from the trees in the distant village.  The high school seniors, resplendent in their authentic costumes, smiled.


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