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I had never watched Doctor Who before last fall. Lately we’re spending our scattered bits of television viewing time watching nothing else. I’m firmly a fan and just dropped a Doctor Who reference into the story I’m working on. Ran across this video by Greg Kumparak, who used to be the mobile editor at TechCrunch. He just up and made a TARDIS model from scratch one day. Looks pretty good. Certainly better than anything I could do. I’ve never been any good at building models. But then he decided it needed to be cooler and…wow. Take a look. “What?” “Brilliant.”


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I’ve been a lousy blogger lately. So, tonight, an experiment. I’m firing up my upgraded Pandora One account and I will type about one subject per song until either I’m done or the song ends. Here goes….

  • (“No Cars Go”, Arcade Fire) The winter of 2012/2013 hasn’t been a good one, health wise. Not in the USA and not in my house. I think one or more of us has been sick with something since just before Christmas. At the moment, my wife is most of the way back from a head cold while  I’m in the middle of one. My older son is stuffy. My younger one seems alright at the moment. I wonder how much to blame the move to a new town (new population = different assortment of bugs?). But I also think the dry air in our new home might be part of the problem. In our old house, we had a central humidifier hooked up to the forced air heating system. Here we’re on baseboard radiators and it gets pretty arid. I notice it especially when I first get up in the morning. 
  • (“Steady, As She Goes”, The Raconteurs) I completed the first draft of my first novel in mid-January and immediately started working on a batch of new stories. Having spent something like 27 months on the novel (give or take) my storehouse of ideas is absolutely stuffed. I had been stockpiling them in my journals. Now I’m writing the ones that seem like they have real potential…as much as one can ever tell before diving in and trying to actually write them. So far I’ve written a short story, two flash fiction stories, and two microfiction pieces. All have been submitted. Beginning a new short story now.
  • (“You Only Live Once”, The Strokes) What’s the plan for the novel? Well, I’m firmly committed to letting the first draft sit and cool for a few months. Probably until late spring. No later than early summer. I have other stories I want to write. I also need to clear my head. When I return, I’ll read through it and see what’s there. Hopefully, the story I thought I was writing is buried in there, but visible enough to shape into a second draft. If not? Well, I’ll cross that bridge if I don’t decide to jump off of it. But let’s assume there will be a second draft. I’ll write it and show it to some folks and then we’ll see. In the end, the intent remains to submit it to publishers.
  • (“Infinity”, The Xx) If you don’t live in New England, you might have heard we had some snow. If you live here, well, you have your own update to publish. Here in my town we received about 24″ of snow last Friday and Saturday, courtesy of Winter Storm Nemo. Not very far at all up the shore they received much more. Over 30″ and a bit inland Hamden won the contest with 40″. Hard to imagine that much from one storm. We had a great time playing in the snow here. The boys created an enormous network of caves, canyons, stairways, and paths in the 8′ tall pile that the plows left bordering the church parking lot out back. We did some sledding at the local hill. It’s small, but the kids had fun. I prefer much more epic runs than are possible here. We did very little in the way of snow sculptures. Some day I’d like to fill the huge lawn out front with snow people, but it will have to wait until some other storm. Especially since what we received last weekend is melting very fast. It has been over 40-degrees every day this week. Beautiful, pleasant days. More spring than winter.
  • (“Neighborhood #2 [Laika]”, Arcade Fire) Our house is getting more and more musical. My older son plays double bass in the school orchestra and now in the chamber music group as well. My younger son has been taking piano lessons for several weeks now using the piano that came with the parsonage. Probably out of envy as much as anything, I’ve started wanting to play music again. I’ve had two previous failed attempts to become a musician. I played the cello for one year in grade school. I played guitar for several years. In both cases I just did not love practicing enough to stick with it. But now I  keep thinking maybe it’s time to go find a used guitar and start again. Or maybe take up percussion. We’d have the start of a band if I take up percussion….  Meanwhile, I actually tuned the baritone ukulele we’ve owned for something like seven years. Maybe I’ll start there.
  • (“Let’s Go”, Danna/Devotchka) I finally had several pieces of art framed that have been hanging around the house for months or years. One is the fantastic Steven Gilberts print I bought at Anthocon in November. Another is an eerie and strange block print of a skull with mirror eyes and a few other touches by Shoshanna Utchenik, who I had the pleasure of working with at Redmoon Theater in Chicago for several years. The last is a glorious print of Neil Gaiman‘s “The Day the Saucers Came”, illustrated by Jouni Koponen that I purchased from NeverWear. Big visual upgrade for my office.
  • (“Fire It Up”, Modest Mouse) Spring means lots of things but high on the list in my house is baseball. My older son fell in love with baseball when he was 2 and never looked back. He plays other sports and does lots of other things, but baseball is pretty central to his sense of self so far. Right after the Super Bowl he started asking if we could start playing catch and doing drills. He’s looking ahead to the Little League season and wants his spring training, you see. I begged off for a couple of weeks because, you know, it’s February and it was still pretty cold. Then we had a blizzard. But now the weather has turned mild and so I took my glove down off the shelf for the first time since the World Series ended and out we went. Love the smell of the glove. Love the sound of the ball hitting it. Love the feel of the baseball in my hand and the way it comes off my fingers. Now we just need the rest of the snow to melt so we can practice on grass instead of asphalt.
  • (“We’re Going To Be Friends”, The White Stripes) Watching lots and lots of Doctor Who over the past several months. I’d never seen the show before four months ago. Alison grew up watching it. I was watching Star Trek. I knew about the show, but was never intrigued enough to track it down. I’m enjoying getting to know it now. We started with the renewed show that begins with the 9th Doctor. We’re finishing Series Four now, which is by far my favorite season so far. We’re also about to say goodbye to David Tennant, who plays the 10th Doctor and I’m not happy about it. Everyone, I’m told, has their Doctor. Tennant is mine. The next guy has a tough act to follow.
  • (“Stay Crunchy”, Ronald Jenkees) I’ll probably do another post about films I’m looking forward to, but Star Trek Into Darkness is one of them. I like what J.J. Abrams has done…which is part of why I’m a little anxious about him being named the director of the new Star Wars film. I don’t trust Star Wars films anymore after the last three. Nor does the trickle of rumors about the new film make me feel any better. Trotting out Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher is not what I’d like to see. I don’t trust any of those characters and actors to come off as well as Leonard Nimoy’s Spock does in Star Trek.

And I’m done as “There There” by Radiohead pounds its way onstage. G’night. I promise not to be gone so long this time.

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