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Anthology Year Three - Distant Dying EmberHappy 2015 to all. I’m poking my head up through the dust and cobwebs that have taken over this blog to spread the word that Anthology: Year Three – Distant Dying Ember (Four Horsemen), including my short story, “Encroachment,” has been published. It’s initially available only on Kindle, but other formats are coming, including at least one that involves paper and ink. But if you have a Kindle or a Kindle reader app on another device, you don’t have to wait for all that. You can cyberscurry over right now and purchase a copy.

While you’re there, you can purchase a paperback copy of Anthology: Year Two – Inner Demons Out (Four Horsemen), which includes my short story, “Unknown Caller,” at a discount. Limited time, limited edition, etc., etc., etc. So go purchase a copy and start off your 2015 with even more wonderful tales to enjoy by a fire on a cold winter night as the wind hurls bits of ice at your windows and you tell yourself that the scratching sound you hear behind you is just that dead branch you meant to trim in November.

Really. It is. But don’t look.


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AnthologyYearOne-BookstackI am pleased to announce that my story, “Encroachment” will be published in Anthology: Year Three (Four Horsemen).The book will be released in both electronic and printed editions in 2015. Details TBA. Here’s the Table of Contents, courtesy of editor Tim Deal.

The Road Home – Sheldon Higdon
Ozark – Scott Christian Carr
Dead Thunder – D.B. Poirier
A Chorus of Plastic Songs – Scott T. Goudsward
Three Little Words – Michele Mixell
Knock at the Door – Jacob Haddon
The Sun Struck – Gregory L. Norris
Rush – Andrew Wolter
Tsunami – T.T. Zuma (Tony Tremblay)
Got Your Back – John M. McIlveen
Northern Lights – Rob Smales
Crossback – Barry Lee Dejesu
skin&hair, teeth&bones – Kristi Petersen Schoonover
The Miller’s Task – Jonathan Dubey
The Elevation of Oliver Black – Errick A. Nunnally
A Tale of Chivalry – Ogmios
One Shoe – Laura J. Hickman
Raspberry Summer – Diana Catt
Invidia – Marianne Halpert
Battle of Wills – Tracie Orsi
Dolly, Do I Have A Soul? – Philip C. Perron
Fomorian Horde/A Tale of Chivalry (art) – Ogmios
The Looming Trees – Penny Fey
Dark Highways – Dan Foley
Fund-Raiser – Thom Erb
How You Killed Me – doungjai gam
Redemption – Timothy Flynn
Encroachment – Craig D. B. Patton

Fine company to be keeping, indeed. The fourth (re)incarnation of the convention that spawned this anthology series will take place on June 5-7, 2015 in Portsmouth, NH. You can learn more over at the official site.

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Tomorrow here at AnthoCon, my story “Unknown Caller” will be published in the anthology Inner Demons Out: Anthology Year Two (Four Horsemen). It features a phone booth graveyard.


Because phone booth graveyards are cool. Like bow ties. And fezzes.

Ok, really it started with this picture.

Phonebooth Graveyard Newark-on-Trent UK

I had been looking at photos of abandoned buildings and this shot of a phone booth graveyard in Newark-on-Trent, UK popped up in the middle. Beautiful and lonely and strange. And I thought…a phone booth graveyard? How cool! Are there more photos of it?

Yes. Lots. Because there are many phone booth graveyards in the world. Phone booths of course, as people in my generation and older know, used to be everywhere. Because there was a time not all that long ago when we didn’t all carry phones. And use them incessantly. And take pictures of our food with them. And make videos of our cats that go viral on YouTube.

You see, waaaay back then, when you were out and about and needed a phone you went and found a phone booth. You put coins in them to use them. Or maybe you had a calling card. But phone booths are rapidly going extinct. They are being hauled away except for a few being turned into aquariums or art installations. (No, I’m not kidding.) Voila! The rise of the phone booth graveyards. Here are a few.

Carlton Miniott UK - Reuters.

Carlton Miniott UK – Reuters

Phuket Thailand

Phuket Thailand


Kenya - Tom Barkin

Kenya – Tom Barkin

New York City - Dave Bledsoe

New York City – Dave Bledsoe

And I thought…what a great setting for a scene. But indoors someplace. Urban explorers. And they break into a warehouse filled with these things. And some of them are very old and very beautiful, because phone booths used to be works of art, not simply functional slabs of mass production. But then there’s this one phone booth….

Well, I’ll let you read the story.

While learning about phone booths, I also learned about the Mojave Phone Booth, which is mentioned in “Unknown Caller.” In the middle of what is now the Mojave National Preserve in California there used to be a lone phone booth. It was miles and miles from anything. It had been put there in 1948 for use by miners working in the area but long after the mines closed the phone booth remained. Looked like this.


A whole subculture developed around the phone booth. People called the number, hoping someone would pick up. People drove out to the phone booth and waited, hoping someone would call. A movie was made. Eventually, the Mojave Phone Booth became too much of a popular attraction and the National Park Service asked for it to be removed in 2000.

But it’s back…. Well, the phone number is back. But now if you call it, you are connected to a conference call. Anyone can access by calling the number. So anyone might be there at any given time.

No, I haven’t tried it. But if you want to, here’s the number: 760-733-9969.


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Despite my utter lack of blogging in recent (ulp…) months, I have news on several fronts. Today I’ll share that I received word from editor jOhnny  Morse that Anthology Year Two – Inner Demons Out (The Four Horsemen) is at the printer. Danny Evarts created the cover. It looks like this:

Anthology Year Two - Inner Demons Out

The book will be released at AnthoCon in Portsmouth, NH on November 8-10th and, yes, I’ll be there to celebrate and raise a glass to my fellow contributors.

More soon. Really.


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Four Horsemen has announced the full Table of Contents for Anthology Year Two: Inner Demons Out. Lots of fine and noble writers in there, many of whom I met at last years Anthocon. The book will be released at this year’s event on November 8 – 10 in Portsmouth, NH.

Mine, Not Yours; Bracken MacLeod
Unknown Caller; Craig D. B. Patton
Old Man’s Winter; Stacey Longo
Bulimia Daemonica; Richard Wright
A Poor Sinner’s Hands; John Goodrich
The Dying House; BE Scully
Staining The Memory; Andrew Wolter
Desperation; Mandy DeGeit
The Amazing Vinnie Stitcher; K. Allen Wood
Suki; Victorya Chase
Mommy’s Not Perfect; Meghan Arcuri
Dead Letter Office; Robert Davies
MADD; Scott Christian Carr
My Aching Black Heart; TG Arsenault
Down In The Dark; Kevin Lucia
The Freeze; Tracy Carbone
Dark Song for Icarus; Timothy P. Flynn
Harold At The Halfcourt; Errick A. Nunnally
It’s Nice Not to Have to Share; David Bernstein
The Interloper; David North-Martino
The Soldier’s Wife; T.T. Zuma
The Morning After; Michele Mixell
Cooking With Kate; g. Elmer Perkins
Evening Commute; Scott Goudsward
Skinny Girl; Julie Stipes
Sticks and Bones; Michael Bailey
Murder Confit; Marianne Halbert
Eight Minutes; Holly Newstein
ATLHEA; An Open Letter from Hiram Grange to his Childe Lost…; Scott Christian Carr

With photos by Candace Yost, Susan Scofield

And, yes, you’re right. That’s not the book above. That’s Anthology: Year One and a Four Horsemen pint glass. If you want them, you can order them as a combo pack.

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ImageI’m pleased to announce that my short story, “Unknown Caller” has been accepted for publication in Anthology Year Two: Inner Demons Out (Four Horsemen). The book will be released at AnthoCon, November 8-10, 2013 in Portsmouth, NH. I’ll post a complete list of contributors when that becomes available. Editor Johnny Morse went old school and mailed all of the acceptance letters and the rejection letters. So, we contributors are now monitoring Facebook to find out whose names are in the TOC.

“Unknown Caller” is about an urban exploration trip to a phone booth graveyard. I had a lot of fun writing it. Urban exploration is an interest of mine, although I haven’t done it myself…yet. Places filled with abandoned and/or decommissioned things is another interest. Phone booths are well on their way to becoming an artifact of the recent past and I learned some history about them, including the story of the Mojave phone booth.

More news as events warrant. And, while I’m here, I promise to actually start blogging again on a regular basis. It was just one of those springs for me.

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I had a great time in Portsmouth, NH this past weekend attending the Anthology 2012 Conference (aka AnthoCon). It is a labor of love created by The Four Horsemen (Tim Deal, Danny Evarts, Johnny Morse, and Mark Wholley) and has a growing, enthusiastic attendee base of writers, editors, illustrators, film makers, fans, and more. Here’s my recap:

  • I finally met lots of members of New England Horror Writers in person. Made some new friends, which makes attending conventions worthwhile before anything else even happens.
  • Gary Braunbeck gave the keynote and, not surprisingly, was great. “Don’t just be, become. And don’t just become, transcend,” he said, urging us to be bold and ignore supposed boundaries and limitations.
  • I attended a fistful of panel discussions which, in typical fashion, ran the gamut from lively and productive to…well, the other kind. The “Writing for Video Games, RPGs, Comics and Other Formats” one and the “Art in Fiction” panels were especially interesting, partly because they shed light on portions of the industry I know little about.
  • I read my story, “Aftershocks”, during an open session on Saturday. It was well received. Stories were also read by Roxanne Dent, Karen Dent, Vlad Vaslyn, P. Gardner Goldsmith (who also read one of Michael Bailey’s at Michael’s request) and others.
  • I sold some copies of Lifted Veils, which was exciting and fun each and every time it happened.
  • Lastly, (firstly in some ways) I wound up with a gorgeous piece of art for my office wall. One of the many things happening at AnthoCon was an ongoing fundraiser to assist Tom Piccirilli. I don’t know Tom, but a number of people I know do. He is an award winning writer who is, by all accounts, an even better human being. Tom was diagnosed with a brain tumor and recently had surgery. He came through that alright, but is now enduring chemo and radiation therapy. He has no health insurance…. Right, you’ve got it. So, a lot of people are doing what they can to help. One of the things done at AnthoCon was a silent auction. And one of the items happened to be a large print of Steven C. Gilberts‘ “Mechanics of Autumn Discourse”, which I’ve loved since I saw it in 2010 as the cover image for Shroud Magazine’s Halloween issue. I bid. I was outbid. I bid again. I was outbid again. I bid a final time…and got it. It looks like this:

So Tom gets some financial support and I get a gorgeous piece of visual whimsy to inspire me daily.

Good. Very good indeed.

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