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Innder Demons Out Front CoverMy story, “Unknown Caller” is available in Anthology Year Two: Inner Demons Out, edited by jOhnny Morse and published by Four Horsemen. The book is stuffed with stories, poems, and art created by attendees of the second AnthoCon conference. Most of us call New England home, but not all. Writers and artists come from across the US, Canada, and Richard Wright came all the way from India in 2012.

Contributors to Inner Demons Out include Michael Bailey, Tracy L. Carbone, Scott Christian Carr, Stacey Longo, Kevin Lucia, Bracken MacLeod, Holly Newstein, K. Allen Wood, Richard Wright, and many, many more.

Available from Amazon.


MiseryLoves - Small CoverMeanwhile, I have released an eBook edition of my comic/contemporary fantasy story “Misery Loves” through Whistling Kettle Press. The story was first published in Aeon Speculative Fiction and received some kind words.

“Patton makes his fantasy world glimmer…A well-told, unaffected tale…”
– The Fix

You can purchase the eBook edition from these online retailers:





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MiseryLoves - Small CoverI’m pleased to announce that the second release from Whistling Kettle Press is an eBook edition of my story, “Misery Loves.” When Misery’s roof is damaged by a storm she is forced to seek help from her unusual neighbors. Honesty advises her to approach the person she understands the least – Love.

“Patton makes his fantasy world glimmer…A well-told, unaffected tale…” – The Fix

“Misery Loves” is available for most reading devices. You can purchase it on Amazon or directly from Whistling Kettle Press via PayPal. More locations coming soon.

A bit of background. The story was originally published in Aeon Speculative Fiction #13 and is one of my personal favorites. It’s funny (sez me). It’s quirky (sez me). It’s quite different from most of my work. It was also a pure spontaneous joy to write.

I think most stories are labors of love with the emphasis on labor. Writers write because we must  and sometimes the work is painful and slow. But every once in a while a story comes along that reminds the writer that they are merely a conduit, a vessel, a voice for something greater and only partly understood. The story pours through them and out into our world. So it was for me with this tale. As I wrote in the introduction:

This story surprised me first by ambushing me, the first lines popping into my head from wherever they had been before. I had an immediate image of what Misery looked and sounded like. The fun, and the surprise, came from going along with her as she sought help from her unusual neighbors.

I’m delighted to have had the chance to work with Bridget McKenna at Zone1Design on this edition. She did great work designing the cover and interior art, formatting the layout, producing the final files and, most importantly, listening to my many comments, questions, and ideas. She cared about the story and how the final product served it. I would happily work with her again.

I hope you enjoy the eBook edition of “Misery Loves.”

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NEHW (New England Horror Writers) members Jason Harris and Stacey Longo Harris are embarking on a bold new adventure. At a time when Borders is gone and untold numbers of smaller chains and independent stores are shuttered, they are opening a bookshop in central Connecticut on Tuesday, November 20th.

Not just any bookshop, either. Books & Boos is a celebration of, “their passion for all things dark and dreary with the world.” The store will carry new dark fiction by New England authors, used books from a range of genres, and “novelty items from the sick to the sublime.”

I just sent them 10 copies of Lifted Veils: Three Tales of the Extraordinary to add to their inventory.

Author events featuring NEHW members Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Jan Kozlowski, and Rob Watts are already on the schedule.

If you live in the area, or are passing through, check them out. Books & Boos is located at 514 Westchester Road in Colchester, CT.

Tell ’em Craig sent you.

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I had a great time in Portsmouth, NH this past weekend attending the Anthology 2012 Conference (aka AnthoCon). It is a labor of love created by The Four Horsemen (Tim Deal, Danny Evarts, Johnny Morse, and Mark Wholley) and has a growing, enthusiastic attendee base of writers, editors, illustrators, film makers, fans, and more. Here’s my recap:

  • I finally met lots of members of New England Horror Writers in person. Made some new friends, which makes attending conventions worthwhile before anything else even happens.
  • Gary Braunbeck gave the keynote and, not surprisingly, was great. “Don’t just be, become. And don’t just become, transcend,” he said, urging us to be bold and ignore supposed boundaries and limitations.
  • I attended a fistful of panel discussions which, in typical fashion, ran the gamut from lively and productive to…well, the other kind. The “Writing for Video Games, RPGs, Comics and Other Formats” one and the “Art in Fiction” panels were especially interesting, partly because they shed light on portions of the industry I know little about.
  • I read my story, “Aftershocks”, during an open session on Saturday. It was well received. Stories were also read by Roxanne Dent, Karen Dent, Vlad Vaslyn, P. Gardner Goldsmith (who also read one of Michael Bailey’s at Michael’s request) and others.
  • I sold some copies of Lifted Veils, which was exciting and fun each and every time it happened.
  • Lastly, (firstly in some ways) I wound up with a gorgeous piece of art for my office wall. One of the many things happening at AnthoCon was an ongoing fundraiser to assist Tom Piccirilli. I don’t know Tom, but a number of people I know do. He is an award winning writer who is, by all accounts, an even better human being. Tom was diagnosed with a brain tumor and recently had surgery. He came through that alright, but is now enduring chemo and radiation therapy. He has no health insurance…. Right, you’ve got it. So, a lot of people are doing what they can to help. One of the things done at AnthoCon was a silent auction. And one of the items happened to be a large print of Steven C. Gilberts‘ “Mechanics of Autumn Discourse”, which I’ve loved since I saw it in 2010 as the cover image for Shroud Magazine’s Halloween issue. I bid. I was outbid. I bid again. I was outbid again. I bid a final time…and got it. It looks like this:

So Tom gets some financial support and I get a gorgeous piece of visual whimsy to inspire me daily.

Good. Very good indeed.

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I’m pleased to announce that Lifted Veils – Three Tales of the Extraordinary is now not only available for purchase here on this site, but also actually exists in the physical world. Here is what the full run of 100 copies looks like after printing, folding, saddle stitching, kettle stamping, steam inking, and hand numbering have been completed.

This is the first, last, and only whole family portrait that will be taken. Some copies are already spoken for. Others will be sold this weekend at AnthoCon in Portsmouth, NH at the New England Horror Writers table.

Here’s a closer look at the back cover.

I bought the kettle stamp on Etsy and drew in the steam. (Couldn’t find a stamp I liked that had both a kettle and steam.) The QR code was generated online and links to this site.

Here’s the title page.


Truth be told, it doesn’t look quite like this. It looks like a white piece of paper with black ink on it. But I wound up with a strange lighting effect when I took this shot…and kinda like it. I have hand numbered each copy of the chapbook, setting aside this one for myself. (I used to request 13 on my uniforms in school.)

I had a lot of fun putting this together and am quite pleased with the results. The stories fit nicely together, for a start. But, just as importantly, I’ve enjoyed putting the chapbook itself together. It is an artistic expression in its own right and strikes the balance I wanted between handmade and computer generated.

It’s also great to just have something with my name on it that’s available for those who are interested in purchasing my work. Up until now, I’ve had to point people to individual magazines and books. Someday, I hope, I’ll have a full blown collection to offer readers. But this makes a nice start.

And now I can focus all of my attention on finishing the novel.

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This Halloween, I’m pleased to announce the imminent publication of Lifted Veils: Three Tales of the Extraordinary, a limited edition chapbook containing three of my stories. The chapbook is the first title scheduled for release under my new venture, Whistling Kettle Press.

For the moment, Whistling Kettle Press will be a very small scale operation. It exists to provide a channel for me to release small batches of my work. Home brew collections, if you will. Or indie rock EPs, if you prefer. It will allow me to keep the hard-to-find stuff available. It will also allow me to release works that have had trouble finding a home. Lifted Veils is a good example.

As the marketing department promo copy states, Lifted Veils contains three stories, “…featuring moments when the boundary between the explicable and the fantastic vanishes. Moments that invoke awe or terror and sometimes both. Moments that change people forever.”

The collection begins with “Aftershocks”, which is easy enough to find, but which sets the mood. The second story is “Soul Collector”, which has previously only appeared in an out-of-print anthology from a now-defunct publisher. Last comes “Thief in the Night”, which has been read at open mics and taken through workshop groups and run through the esteemed Borderlands Boot Camp and has many, many fans out there but just never found a fit with a magazine or book project. I’m pleased to give it one in Lifted Veils.

I’m almost ready to print Lifted Veils. Ready enough that I have added a Whistling Kettle Press page to Flawed Creations. There will only ever be 100 signed, numbered copies of this chapbook. I’ll be selling them at Anthocon on November 9-11 in Portsmouth, NH and elsewhere. So, if you think you want one….

Happy Halloween!

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